Mission to Nowhere: No Victor, all Vanquished!

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Mission to no where

In the wake of recent political and sectarian perturbations that now envelopes our populace and even our social and conventional media space, it was only going to be a matter of time before I came up with this piece.

It appears we don’t know we are sitting on a ticking time bomb with our utterances and the renewed agitations in some sections of the country. Let me start this piece by clearly stating the ugly sides to the three major tribes or nemesis of Nigeria and subsequently stating clearly why staging another war can and will never be the way forward;

The Bitter Truth about Nigeria’s Major Tribes

Yorubas: Backstabbing and Pretentious cowards!

Hausas/Fulanis: Distasteful and Vengeful Bigots!

Igbos: Arrogant and Confused Sectarians!

The aforementioned attributes of the three major tribes in Nigeria is just a clue to why the civil war of 1967 was quite difficult to avert. But here is the raw deal;

At the outset of post-colonial Nigeria, the three major tribes were not prepared to let go of their differences, yet they all wanted to wrest power from one another undemocratically whilst they remained in the same federation. They were simply asking for a miracle to happen in a federation that was hurriedly put together to start functioning independent of our colonial watchdogs.

The Igbos knew too well the British had sold us a dummy with the amalgamation and they made it somewhat obvious to the other Nigerians in ways that induced envy rather than an understanding of the deceit the Britons had roped us in.

The average Ibo man doesn’t know how to mince words even in situations where the receiver is broken already; they can be annoyingly blunt. They couldn’t find other means to show their supposed superiority even in the face of strife. You won’t blame them though; they were the most learned and ambitious of the lot. Worse still, they had vastly different ideologies to the Northern end of the Niger River.

The Yorubas on the other hand pretended all was well and quietly plotted on how to cease power from the North through their demi-god, Chief Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory. Whilst the Hausas inferiority complex made them bitter tribalists that saw anyone outside their realm trying to grasp power from their reins an enemy of a federation the British handed to them on a platter of gold.

The arrogance and superiority the Igbos displayed sowed seeds of hatred in the Hausa man’s heart like it was the Ibo man’s fault they showed little advancement from their pre-colonial life. As a matter of fact the Ibos were not always like that. If my little knowledge of history serves me right, they were the most primitive tribe in pre-colonial Nigeria just before the advent of the Europeans. But civilization opened their eyes to new realities.

Mission to nowhere 1
The Biafran Forces led by the late Ikemba 1 of Nnewi; Lt. Colonel Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu

Back to the Hausas/Fulanis (Sometimes I don’t even know the difference), for their mind they are the true Nigerians! Anyways, everything we experience today, including the Hausa man’s unquenchable thirst for power is as a result of the selfish ambitions of the Britons from time immemorial; a strategy that started off with an amalgamation of two disparate protectorate not minding the consequences of such unholy and ill-planned alliance.

Nigeria was not prepared for the amalgamation just like they were not prepared for the reverberations of the independence the British gave us dubiously. I could swear the Britons knew what was to follow. They had it well-planned. They still owned us in a way. Even the name Nigeria was given to us by the wife of a Lord in Great Britain, Flora Shaw (Lady Lugard).

I could go on and on but who am I to talk about events that occurred eons before I was breathed into life. I will let our fathers do that but the problem is they will never tell us the truth and when they do, they only tell us what they want us to know. Between, we are still waiting for General Yakubu Gowon’s account of the civil war.

Albeit I will give my two kobo;

Until we tackle the remote causes and aftermath of the war in 1967, then give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, these agitations would continue, and I’m not just talking about the agitations in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mission to nowhere 3

Trust me, this time it won’t just be about Biafra. Splinter groups will rise; Niger Delta will wrest themselves from the Ibo man’s grasp, the Igbos will grapple with their own internal politics, the Christians in the North will search for their identity. Benue, Plateau, Adamawa and maybe Bauchi will be worse hit. It will be fatal for them there.

Lagos will prefer to stand alone rather than bond with their neighbours in Ogun, Oyo, Osun and Ondo. Kwara, Kogi and Edo will just be mere spectators caught in the middle. It will be a confused bloody cause that will mark an end to the Giant of Africa. At that time only few would be alive to tell the story of how ‘There was once a Country’ to the unborn generation.

Thinking about it…we really don’t want a war, or am I wrong? The Aburi accord was their last chance of preventing a war between Federal forces and Biafra but the over-bloated egos of our elites in the 60’s won’t let peace have its way.

This war we now seek by our actions and inactions could erase an entire generation of promising Nigerians. Unlike in 1970 when the then Head of State and Emperor of the Federal Forces that declared a police action turned war on the secessionist state, General Yakubu Gowon declared his famous “no victor, no vanquished” speech after the war, even if he was just saying what needed to be said at that moment in time, this time around a civil war will only be a mission to nowhere where there will be no victor and all will be vanquished!

Mission to nowhere 2

I stand with a united Nigeria

I stand for dialogue, compromise and resolutions

I stand for peace

I stand for common sense but unfortunately in my country that doesn’t even exist.

Youths don’t be deceived! Our leaders in the North, South, East and West of this country are only after their selfish gains, they really don’t have our interest at heart.

Let’s not be cajoled to fight a war they and their families will never be involved in.

A word they say is enough for the wise but I decided to write a piece of about 1000 words because this trouble brewing is beyond mere wisdom.

Lekan Linkin Lofinji

Member of the Federation

A Lagos Without its Trademark Danfo Buses

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On Monday, 6 February, 2017  Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode said he plans to banish the yellow Lagos mini buses popularly called danfo by the end of this year because they are “not acceptable and befitting for a mega-city”. Do you think this is a step in the right direction?

There are quite a number of factors that make Lagos the standout state in Nigeria. Surprisingly, the widely criticized trademark yellow commuter bus popularly called “danfo”is one of the peculiarities of Nigeria’s and Africa’s fastest growing city. But what happens when these buses are no more? Will it still feel like Lagos?

Now this is the raw deal, the golden boy of Lagos roads may soon lose its status if the words of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode are to be taken seriously. There is no doubt that danfo has a major stake in the chaotic traffic congestion that plagues the city of hustlers but it does also serve as respite to many. So you may be right to term it a necessary evil. But on a second thought, isn’t that just the lie we tell ourselves?

The sprawling metropolis of Lagos which is working tirelessly to attain mega-city status cannot reach such lofty heights with those yellow commuter buses still taking center stage. So how best can the government of the day solve a critical part of the issue that form the core of the mega-city clamour.

According to Governor Ambode, there is no way a mega-city can thrive with those yellow buses still plying Lagos roads relentlessly and recklessly like a ship without a rudder. There is no gainsaying that danfo buses do constitute nuisances on our road many times. In fact, the manner of disorderliness that plagues our road when these yellow buses come out en masse on full throttle can be likened to the mass protest that rocked the nation after the annulment of the 1993 presidential election by the then head of state of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida.

Moreso, danfo buses do act lawless on our roads and they’ve been responsible for a couple of ghastly accidents directly or indirectly especially when they are under attack from their greatest nemesis, Agberos and LASTMA officials. Of a truth, its replacement with modern public transportation system will solve a barrage of problems danfo buses pose on our roads but won’t it elicit new challenges for the masses?

What will become of the agberos and their chairmen who the drivers and conductors of these danfo buses pay homage to? Will the drivers and conductors of the danfo buses be put in charge of the modern public transportation that should supposedly replace the yellow buses? Won’t we be witnessing the same attitude from the drivers of the new buses as it was for them while spearheading the movement of the danfo buses if they happen to be put in charge of them too?

All these questions have to be deliberately answered before that idea can be accepted by a good majority of Lagosians, or is it just me speaking for myself?

That notwithstanding, it is high time we call a spade a spade. Most danfo drivers are unaware of highway codes, therefore a lot of sensitization need to be done if they are to remain pilots of the modern public transport system. In fact they really have to be born anew, so it won’t appear the modern transport service is just a repackaged danfo transport system controlled by the Ambode led Lagos state Government.

Also, the population in the city of excellence assumes astronomical heights where the demands of over 21 million people outweigh the supplies. The resultant effect of such population explosion is infrastructural decay, traffic congestion and ultimately, an arena where only the fittest survives. It is what you would call ‘fait accompli’. These yellow buses compound the woes of road users, however they have come to the rescue of many Lagosians at different periods especially when early birds have to leave home in other to beat traffic.

In addition, the dare devil activities of some if not many drivers and conductors of danfo buses make their presence on our roads distasteful to the powers that be and the highly placed people in our society, no doubt. Albeit, it still seems to be the most preferred form of travel for many workers.

Nonetheless, if we were to be honest with ourselves, you will agree with me that the menace of the Lagos danfo buses overrides the good they’ve done to Lagosians, especially the poor masses. Remember the days of old when ‘MOLUE’ was the most popular transport service in a city that once prided itself as the capital of the most populous black nation in the world. I’m sure most of us benefited immensely from the benevolence and doggedness of the dreaded Molue, and I’m certain we all do have our fair share of bad experiences in and out of Molue too. The sight of those gigantic buses alone can make ones heart leap out of position. Surprisingly Molues have not gone out of extinction still, however it’s only a matter of time as the same fate now awaits danfo buses.

Lagos danfo buses have a penchant for contravening traffic. You will find them on BRT lanes strictly meant for BRT buses and even on lawns and walkways designed for pedestrians and leisure seekers. With danfo buses, no one is safe, not even when you are in a ferry on the Atlantic ocean. A danfo could just skid off third mainland bridge and join you on the ocean, probably in its quest to beat traffic.

Danfo buses are famous for carrying more than the designated capacity of passengers, driving against traffic and if they had the chance they will stop to pick passengers right at the middle of Lagos-Ibadan expressway or on your street, it just depends on the kind of ‘weed’ the driver is smoking at that particular point in time. That is the level of impunity these danfo buses exercise on our roads and not just a mega city status should lead to their banishment.

I stand to be corrected though, but regardless don’t you think we can do without danfo buses in Lagos? While we wait till Ambode’s threat is carried out, it won’t be such a bad idea to imagine a Lasgidi without its trademark danfo buses.

Have your say…

Lekan Linkin ‘Lofinji

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Where You Choose To Live Can Affect Your Love Life

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Where You Choose To Live Can Affect Your Love Life

It’s lovers day; a day that has been set aside in honour of Saint Valentine. As it is the custom around the globe, it is a day to show love not only to your significant other but any other person or group of persons that has the tendency to feel love. In this article we will be discussing how “Where you live affects who you date—and who will absolutely refuse to date you. 

There is this belief that wherever you choose to live will definitely affect who you date, just like lack of money can lead to a failed relationship or marriage. Invariably, your location influences the kind of people you will be attracting, and I’m specifically talking about the guys. In the spirit of the season this article tends to address the relationship between love and real estate.

In recent times there has been a mass movement of people especially the single folks to Lekki and environs. Lagos babes who probably spent a greater part of their lives on the mainland have suddenly discovered that living on the mainland is one of the reasons they’ve remained single. Hence, they tend to change their location to the Island to attract supposedly potential husbands or eligible bachelors. Though it could take a arm and a leg to live on the Island, these ladies don’t mind. Most of them live above their means of and have to go the extra mile to keep up with living on the fast lane.

But would you blame them? Don’t you think they only just realized that to change their status in life they have to attract the right kind of crowd and staying put in Festac, Agege or Iyana Oworo won’t effect that kind of change?

Like they say, if the mountain does not go to Mohammad, then Mohammad should better go to the mountain. Staying on the Island and maybe attending a church like House on the Rock seems to be a viable option for supposedly classy single ladies who want to attract ELIGIBLE BACHELORS.

So what then happens to the guys who would rather remain on the mainland in places like Ogba, Ojota or even Ikotun, yet want to hang out or probably date high end/classy ladies? Would they easily attract that category of ladies regardless of their locations? Or is it just a case of cutting your coat according to your size?

I was driving along the prestigious Lekki-Ikoyi Link bridge sometimes in January and couldn’t help but notice a retinue of ladies of different shapes and sizes jogging by the bridge’s sidewalk. The intriguing part of the scenario was that most of them were not even on the big side. What am I driving at?

That was actually not the first time I would notice such on that bridge, so I did come to the conclusion that some of them were jogging on that bridge not necessarily because they were adhering strictly to a weight loss programme. They were even mostly skinny girls so where is the fat to shed. I stand to be corrected, but I could swear most of them were there basically for hook-ups, because before I got to the end of the bridge I saw a lady collect a complimentary card from a ‘Lagos big boy’ who had stopped to speak to her. So the truth behind the sudden rush to exercise on the bridge may not be far-fetched.

In view of the aforementioned there seems to be a strong link between housing and romance. Are people more interested in potential mates if they live alone or is that really enough? Does their location come into consideration too? Just how bad is your love life impacted if you live with your parents? Do we have guys who live on the mainland in overcrowded areas like Agege and Bariga yet date classy ladies that live in Lekki, VGC or Ikoyi? Is that even possible? When it comes to dating and housing, what’s hot and what’s not?

For many Nigerian ladies, it’s actually a big deal if a single guy owns his own apartment, and I’m not talking about “face- me- I -slap -you”. That brings me to this question; Does the kind and size of the apartment you live in play a huge role in the kind or manner of girl you will attract? As far as am concerned I think it does; I will explain.

Back then in my undergraduate years in UNIBEN, it was quite evident. The girls that visit their boyfriends in the hostels on campus were quite different from their counter-parts off-campus. The off campus big boys attracted the finest and classiest of the campus babes thereby leaving those in the school hostel with SU’s and nerds; most of them with faces devoid of make-up, not even powder.

Even the guys off campus were not entirely in the same category when it came to the kind of girls they attracted. The kind of girls had to do with the class of hostels they lived in and the size too. All these factors does come into consideration whether we like it or not.

But does living alone in choice locations and big apartments translate to preparedness for marriage? Are the single ‘Lagos big boys’ who live on the Island really ready to settle down? Are the single girls who live their childhood ‘hoods’ to go live on the Island in their search for a potential husband really looking where they should?

As for the ladies, it’s the reverse. Most guys don’t take ladies who live alone seriously. unlike what ladies will think of single guys who live alone. In fact the mindset is that, ladies who leave their parents to stay alone live a reckless life and should not be seen as wife materials.

Ironically, on an average most ladies would want to date a guy that lives alone rather than one that lives with a friend or friends while some won’t even consider a guy who still lives with his parents.

However with the situation of things in the country and the high cost of living, how many single guys can afford to live alone? Does that mean more ladies that are ripe for marriage will continue to be single? Will ladies have to drop some of their demands or expectations just to tie the Nuptial knots with that guy? Or should we all just resign to our fate?

Have your say?

Lekan Linkin ‘Lofinji

This article first appeared on http://www.nigeriarealestatehub.com          

Break up Series: When to give up on a Relationship

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“When to give up on a relationship” is the first in a series I’ve tagged “Break up Series.” 

It has become a norm for unmarried couples who are supposedly in love to maintain relationships even when there are obvious red flags that has proven over time that the relationship is heading everywhere but the altar.

Ladies who have attained that age when parents, friends, colleagues, church members and possibly the elders in their entire village start asking questions about their future are most guilty of this heinous crime of seeking the face of the lord in a relationship where they need no soothsayer to tell them it is being monitored and programmed by the forces of evil.

We’ve also seen instances where abled bodied men keep up the faith in relationships with ladies who obviously use them as a means to a fatal end or just see them as cash cows. These men are mostly guilty of inferior complex especially when they are in relationships with girls who can sell them into slavery even in this 21st century. This is common with guys who have never really been in a relationship where the lady does not date them out of pity.

I see and read about this ugly trend day in, day out and it wouldn’t have been any business of mine not even in a recessed economy, if I didn’t find out recently that my neighbour is also in that kind of relationship. I would have loved to share the dude’s experience with his yahoo girlfriend here if not that he narrated his ordeal with me in confidence. You know me now, such tales no they hard me talk about.

It is common knowledge that love takes a whole lot of work; just forget that thing about love at first sight oh! This our present generation don miss road gan! Many of us don’t know what it takes to truly love anymore. No be all that paparazzi wey we dey form for social media. If you are in a relationship that comes too easy, aswear if you find out well, na set up. Just Kontinu claiming love at first sight because Lucifer just free you for some time to go attend to more pressing issues.

Lemme not digress jare, na wetin my eye see this evening make me bring that yan…

Back to the matter:

See, with the way the devil and his cohorts are running riot across our solar plexus, it has become really difficult to maintain a long standing relationship which ultimately should lead to the altar, not even when we can now see the intimate details of most relationships on the various social media sites. These days self how many people go into a relationship with marriage in mind? The common line is; let’s take it one step at a time because no matter how hard we try at it, “what will be will be” (Que sera sera). They forget that our destinies in the true sense of it lie in our very own hands.

People waste valuable time in a relationship only to realize too late that they’ve been on a wild goose chase from the very day the relationship saw the light of day. In fact to put it mildly they were never in a relationship, what they had was a relationshit!

That brings us to the big question; when does it become paramount we give up on a relationship or at what point do we stop fighting to keep that relationship?

Before I make an attempt to answer that question, I must first say unapologetically that anyone that cowers the moment a major challenge rears its ugly head in their relationship is a learner. Every relationship has its peculiarities, just because your friend’s relationship is firing on all cylinders doesn’t mean it’s gonna last longer than yours. All gold glitters but not all that glitters is gold. Just like life, relationships can be complicated, and may necessary not be a bed of roses. In the real sense, it takes an enormous amount of visible and non-visible work to make any relationship stand the test of time.

One of the reasons couples occasionally experience stumbling blocks in their relationship is because they get way too comfortable in the relationship and forget too early that before they became an item, they were first separate individuals with different background, mindset and attitudinal dispositions. Getting too comfortable in a relationship is the most silent killer in a relationship in the sense that you completely forget that making a relationship work or staying in love is a continuous process. It is a never-ending game because the moment it ends your relationship stops, whether you are still in it or not.

But of course there is usually a window period or that space of time when you can redeem the love in your relationship after you’ve observed that it’s heading for the rocks. Now, how well both of you communicate during that period will determine the validity period of the relationship. But the problem is, even when a couple realize one of them has given up on the relationship, they still keep up the charade just because they still see each other often and worse still, have sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should jump off the wagon at the slightest chance oh! Okay, let me make a final attempt at making these as clear as possible, couples in a relationship should accept early enough that it’s a long row to hoe. Invariably, a relationship deserves a lot of test to hold forth no matter the amount of failures. What however would be seen as a red herring is if you got no more tests to write yet no grades to even qualify you to move to the next level.  If you are still waiting for Jesus to come and set the final test in such relationship, my guy you are on a long thing. By the time you see Jesus, it won’t be to revive your failing relationship, it will be to give a report on how you spent your life on earth.

A lot of promising relationships have crashed not because the couples were not destined to love each other, but because they took very critical decisions when their emotions were dabbing on a busy highway. No good decision has ever been made in anger or frustration. The best time to end a relationship is not when the Nigerian Army and Boko haram fighters are engaged in a duel in your heart. At that point your heart is not even yours anymore so careless words you may likely regret later just comes flying like arrows out off your loose buccal cavity with no holds barred. I will advise you wait till the army chases the insurgents out of ‘Sambisa forest’ before you decide what you want to do with your rampaging relationship.

Yes! Wait till you are calm and thinking straight. Only then will you be able to analyze the immediate cause of the dispute and tug of war that ensued, hence make a decision whether to go forward or probably it’s time the parties involved go their separate ways.

There is also one vital question we need to ask ourselves whenever going forward in a tumultuous relationship seems as deadly as ending it. Take a long moment to look at the future; in your minds ‘eye do you really see a future with your partner despite the storm you are experiencing in your relationship? Where and how do you see both of you three decades from present time?

Within 6 months in a relationship you really should know where you stand with your partner or how far you guys are going with it except na play both of una they play sha o!

And if despite the hurdles you’ve crossed in the course of your relationship you still can’t see the finish line even from a distance, babe swerve! If you continue then your village people are involved.

If the excitement in your relationship begins to wane and all efforts to re-ignite that which made you guys the envy of all is lost, then I think it’s time you call it quits. No particular man was designed for a woman, time and chance happens to us all

However, if you are breaking up with a partner when you already have another bitch or nigga waiting by the flanks, all I will tell you is, well done sir! That is the most demonic time to break up because you don settle the matter regardless of the problem inherent in your relationship.

Even when there is a solution to that problem staring at you eye ball to eye ball… Hello bae! Aswear you will never see that solution. If you leave on this note, trust me you will soon realize why they say, Karma is a bitch!

Lekan Linkin ‘Lofinji

Relationship Afficionado

Why Mikel Shouldn’t Have Been Appointed Captain of Team Nigeria

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Team Nigeria

This year’s Summer Olympic Games kicks off in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, 5th of August with a grand opening ceremony at the Maracana stadium. Suffice it to say that Team Nigeria has had no genuine preparations for the games due to lack of funds, they claim. Albeit, that is no longer news, it’s the same song over the years, just that this time around there’s a remix to it. The talking point at the moment is the announcement of Nigeria’s illustrious footballer and Chelsea star, Mikel Obi as the captain of the Olympic team.

Lekan Lofinji, a seasoned writer bares his thoughts on why Dalung’s choice of Mikel as captain is a horrendous blunder.

Here are the other three athletes that would have been best fit for the captaincy;

ENTERS Funke Oshinaike

She is a 40 year old Table Tennis veteran. In fact, she will be making her 6th appearance at the Olympics. Her debut appearance was 20 years ago in Atlanta where Nigeria won her first Olympics Gold medal in the Long Jump event of the games. She is currently the assistant captain of Team Nigeria, so her own case is not really a biggie.

ENTERS Segun Toriola

I’ve been hearing this name since crèche…

He is also a veteran of the games and a table tennis star. He will be making a record 7th appearance at the Olympics – an African record breaking feat. But by Dalung deductions, Uncle Segun’s track record has nothing to do with leading the Olympics team


ENTERS Blessing Okagbare;

She is the current commonwealth games 100/200m sprint queen who would be making her third appearance at the Olympics. Blessing also holds the Women’s 100 metres African and Common Wealth Games Record for the fastest time at 10.79 and 10.85 seconds respectively. Blessing is following the path forged by her predecessor, Mary Onyali-Omagbemi – a former queen of the tracks. Plus, I think I have a crush on her, yet she was not considered for the captaincy. Na her own even pain me pass.

ENTERS Mikel Obi

He is the captain of the lack lustre Super Eagles team – the worst era of Super Eagles’ players I have seen since I started watching the team on our black and white cupboard like TV set in 1989.

Wait! Don’t draw conclusions yet, you’ve not heard the best part. Mikel is making his debut appearance at the Olympics as one of the two over-aged players in the National U-23 football team called the Dream Team VI (As usual they would only dream of the gold medal in Rio. All of them did except the first dream team that won gold in Atlanta 96), and the young man only just joined the Olympic team some days ago, then out of the blues he is named captain of Team Nigeria by an ineffectual Dalung, ahead of Toriola, Oshinaike (Mikel’s Assistant),and Okagbare.

How? Please Dalung explain in one sentence…

No lemme rephrase the question, Baba how far? Do you see something in Mikel we don’t see ni? Abi did you sneak out to gulp some Alomo before you made the announcement?

But, should this issue really bother me? Shebi it is our modus operandi as a country to never select the best to lead in any existing human avocation and sector of nation building.

What am I saying sef? We don’t even have the best in Aso rock, how much more a depleted Olympic team.

Going by these, then Mikel Obi is the best choice as captain of Team Nigeria, yeah?

Just another quick question to our Honourable Sport Minister though; Baba I understand you don’t have any idea of sports in its entirety. But, please sir, are you mad ni? Is it that you don’t know the pedigree of the athletes that will be representing us at the games? Or do you think this is the FIFA World Cup?

Team Nigeria

The same Mikel was overlooked by Oliseh when it came to the captaincy of the super Eagles for obvious reasons. And it took a closed door meeting between Ahmed Musa – the captain under Oliseh, and Siasia – the then caretaker coach of the Super Eagles to relinquish the captain band to the seemingly most senior member of the Super Eagles. And that was after Mikel had given conditions that should be met if he was to play in the two-legged tie against the Pharoahs of Egypt.

Pray tell, what exactly was the rationale behind Mikel’s captaincy; football being the number one sport in Nigeria?

Aswear, I don’t know why our National Assembly is yet to call on Dalung to defend his choice. Those ones own na to they collect money for doing nothing.


Why on earth will a Mikel whose leadership of the Super Eagles is more believable in the print and social media than on the pitch or locker room be appointed captain of the entire Nigerian Olympics team that has sportsmen and women with proven track record. Athletes who made appearances at the Olympics long before Mikel played for his country in the Under 20 world cup in 2005.

You see, when I think about the many anomalies and maladies in this country, one thing comes to mind, Ngugi wa thiong’o’s book titled “WEEP NOT CHILD”. The day I read that book ehn was the day I stopped weeping for Africa.

Back to the matter,

The trio of Toriola, Oshinaike and Okagbare are highly respected by members of Team Nigeria and the entire Olympics community and I just hope this decision by the Commander-In-chief of Sports in Nigeria will not cause bad blood in the team.

That notwithstanding, I congratulate Nigeria’s most successful player of his era and current captain of the Super Eagles, John Obi Mikel on the addition of another feather to his cap.

I wish the team the best of luck!

When It’s All Said And Done…

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moment of truth

No one ever plans for improbable outcomes in the cause of their life’s quest and that is why bad things happen to both good and bad people. These days sef! Good people suffer more ill-luck, so there is really no motivation for bad people to stop doing their evil deeds.

More reason the bad have become badder or even baddest while a huge chunk of the few good ones are beginning to relinquish their goodwill to conspiring forces of evil, and even going the extra mile to becoming the Devil’s advocates. This was evident when a certain Davido did sing out loud for all who cared to listen in one of his hit songs that he is badder than all of us, then Olamide came up later to tell us that he is the “baddest boy that ever liveth” like say na competition.

Now, fans of both music greats shouldn’t go crying blue murder yet. Hush! Don’t start casting aspersions preparing to hurl stones at me when what you’ve had is only a taste of the cherry. I’m getting somewhere…

You see, when I was three years, I had a dream that one day we would see a world where square pegs will be put in round holes turning in freely with no holds barred; A time when the word conscience will be in doldrums, going into a “no-raised eyebrow extinction.”

Fast forward to 2016 – Now, I’m seeing that world on 3D already; people in heated competitions for “who sin pass?”
Some men are even giving the Devil a run for his money, trying all within their arsenal to dethrone him just like he tried to dethrone God in the celestial war of antiquity and yet they call it karma.

Call me a prophet of doom and I will remind you of your faux pas the day the devil gives you a life medal for your longstanding devotion to evil and its affiliates.

Imagine what the world was some 2-3 decades ago and juxtapose it with what is obtainable today you will see how far we’ve drifted from normalcy. Then externalize what will become of this same world 2-3 decades away, what do you see? Do you fear for your kids?

As I grab my binoculars to look into the future, all I see is chaos. A day will come when Beasts will roam freely on our planet while good men will be forced to find refuge in the wilds. At a time like that to live in the wilds will be better than dwelling among the present day MAN (especially Fulani herdsmen and Muslim extremists). We will find a safe haven there, don’t you think?

Why wait for the mark of the beast when the beast in question kneels down before us in awe? And now, the devil constantly sips vodka with an heavy dose of popcorn as he basks himself in the euphoria of the cinema experience, watching men outsmart and out-muscle him in the art of evil. I’m within ear-shots as I hear his depraved soul converse with his multiple personalities, asking the big question; will there really be any true believer left at the sound of the trumpet?

Even the devil runs for his dear life when he sees the evil men do, little wonder he calls us dare devils.

I was opportune to read a letter he wrote to man in one of my fairy tale dreams as a restless 15 year old. But to be honest I would be lying if I call this particular one a dream, it was indeed a nightmare.

On this fateful day, I had just finished reading one badass occult book, “HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE “by Dr. Rebecca Brown  – who wrote about “Elaine”, a former High Priestess/Bride of Lucifer. The friend that borrowed me the book and even the book itself had warned me not to read it at night, but my stubborn self did not only read it at night, I read it in the dead of night under candle lights when men roamed the face of the earth, flying at heights even eagles wouldn’t dare and the forces of evil conspired as they lurked in the darkness. I saw the strangest things I had ever seen in my life that night. I’m sure you are not expecting me to tell you what I saw, this is reality and I’m not ready to go into permanent oblivion yet. However, the letter I saw delivered to MAN in my nightmare began like this;

Dear Devils,
Yours Truly,

The dude was even scared to address himself as the devil because the evil men do constantly beats his imagination. People of the world that is how easy we make the job of the devil seem.

At the onset of his life Lucifer had thought Adam and Eve were easy preys, now he can’t even enjoy the legendary status of the deadliest predator on earth because MAN now preys on him. The 21st century MAN really do make the work of soul-winning easy for the devil. In fact, the devil’s KPI (duties) many times clash with that of many of our “so called pastors”. Surprisingly they now do his work.

As I speak (abi na write sef), they are still trying to find a common ground, not been able to separate duties. Men now play God with reckless abandon for an entire moment, forgetting that Lucifer wasn’t even God for a second before he kissed the floor and was banished for eternity.

We can tell ourselves we live in a free world but remember that this world is really not our home. We are all tenants here even if you own the biggest and most exquisite luxury apartment in Banana Island or you lay claims to large expanse of land in Eko Atlantic city, you will still be evicted anyways. We will all leave this world behind to take full, permanent residency in heaven or hell when it’s all said and done.

Are you then doing your best to live your life for the “TRUTH”? And that depends on what you term the “TRUTH

Whether you are a Muslim, ISIS, Boko haram sympathizer, Fulani herdsman, Niger Delta Avenger, Winners adherent, Redeemed henchman, Deeper life devotee, Jehovah witness, Love world enthusiast, White garment church addict, T.B Joshua faithful, Catholic Church attendee, Atheist, Free thinker et al; the defining factor during that moment of truth will eventually be what you said and did whilst you drew breath on earth according to the dictates of THE ONE who owns your life, and too bad if THE ONE you thought was THE ONE is not THE ONE on that day.

Now, that will be double tragedy; what Fela would call double wahala for dead body because only one fate awaits you.

Remember, on the last day only true believers will be raptured,will you be one of them? Your time starts now!

Lekan Linkin Lofinji

N5000 Stipend For The Unemployed? Shoot Me Please!

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N5000 Stipend

Did Buhari win elections because of  5K monthly “alawee” promised to unemployed graduates? Why is there so much fuss about this supposed largesse that should never have been? Find out in this article.

When Buhari made the campaign promise of N5000 stipend to unemployed Nigerians, to me it sounded like child’s play. In fact it was laughable! How on earth will that be possible in a country such as ours where we’ve got no data base and corruption reigns supreme ahead of other vices? I knew from the outset that it was just a campaign gimmick and I also felt majority of my fellow patriots especially the highly educated ones would be of the same school of thought.  But to my chagrin, heated arguments and controversies followed suit as soon as feelers went out. People began calling for the head of Buhari and I’m like…hello! Wasn’t it clear that campaign promise was a blatant lie! In fact since I started following elections in Nigeria that seems to be the biggest campaign lie I’ve ever heard.

Any youth that fell for that bait must indeed be gullible.

Abi na so una believe the guy reach?

It only shows he’s human and not some demi gods as some Nigerians believe especially those in our northern plexus. Now the President is giving us another angle to the N5000 largesse stating that he has other priorities, President Buhari  would rather use the monies to build more schools, infrastructural developments and empowering the Agricultural and Mining Sectors.

In his exact words:

“This largesse N5,000 for the unemployed, I have got a slightly different priority. I would rather do the infrastructure, the school and correct them and empower agriculture, mining so that every able bodied person can go and get work instead of giving 5,000, N5,000 to those who don’t work.

Also, we shouldn’t fail to recognize the fact that leadership must evaluate its decision and position on matters arising at any point in time regardless of whose ox is gored. Albeit that’s not my bone of contention here.

That promise shouldn’t have been made at the outset! It is simply unrealistic in the present Nigerian society. Even a fool knows that. That is not to say it wasn’t conceived with the best of intentions.

Of a truth, I don’t think campaign promises anywhere in the world are fulfilled to the letter.

Though President Buhari’s  alternative his laudable but that’s no excuse for the blatant lie the APC told Nigerians knowing fully well that the masses view President Buhari as a man of integrity. It’s simply unacceptable!

At the moment, I’m not sure everyone who voted him still have faith in his campaign promises. Nonetheless, one can only but hope that the largesse is used for what it’s now intended for. That to me is a much better alternative, a more believable and achievable campaign promise.

That the President rescinded his decision shouldn’t be news, what’s news-worthy is the fact that controversies and heated reactions have trailed the failed N5000 stipend. I am really not disappointed and that’s because I even forgot he made such promise minutes after the promise was made.

In fact, I feel relieved and not betrayed or cheated like some Nigerians out there feel. I am happy that he has been able to make you guys reason holistically by coming out to quell any thought or hope of one loose cash from the coffers of the Federal Government; another opportunity to enrich the already over-bloated Public office holders.

Now the argument is that Buhari won the elections because of the N5000 stipend he promised our unemployed youths.  And again I laugh this time in Hausa! That is as ridiculous as the promise itself.

The earlier we accept the fact that the N5000 thingy is officially a failed promise and get our asses to work the better for us

You guys should go get something doing and don’t lose sleep over what was never bound to happen under sane conditions, not even now that the country’s economy has gone berserk!

In Nigeria our leaders’ words are not their bonds let’s stop taking them too seriously. They have shown us over time that campaign promises are only made to secure votes afterwards they expect her citizens to either take a chill pill or go to hell!

And as for the President, suffice to say his haters are now beginning to laugh horrendously at his own comedy show as he continues to globe-trot around the world with reckless abandon.

God bless Nigeria!

Lekan Linkin Lofinji

Member of the Federation


The New Lagos Traffic Law Of Gains And Pains

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New lagos traffic law

This article first appeared on http://www.nigeriarealestatehub.com. The writer sheds more light on the implications of the new Lagos traffic law. What are the gains and the pains of the new Lagos traffic law to Lagosians and Lagos at large. Find out in this article.

It seems the end of the road has come for lawless motorists especially drivers of commercial buses popularly called danfo, with the recent introduction of the new traffic law by the Lagos State Government. The new traffic law will be mostly enforced by the newly inaugurated mobile courts which will try offenders and mete out relevant punishments in relation to the new law.

The new laws which took effect from Saturday, 7th February, 2016 will see offenders being fined as much as 50,000, their vehicles impounded or wind up in jail immediately if found guilty for acting contrary to the law.

Of a truth, lives have been lost and people have been cut short in their prime due to the sheer recklessness on the path of drivers who have no regard for traffic laws, that’s if they are even aware such laws exist in the first place. Though the incessant traffic congestion on Lagos roads do also encourage reckless driving and disregard for traffic.

That notwithstanding, we just hope that with the new Lagos traffic law we don’t get to see a situation where those that are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order become lawless themselves. I am talking about motorists been caught for traffic offences without a proper understanding of their crime. The propagators of the law should not see it as another money-spinning venture where every motorist becomes a likely target. The money to be made from offenders should not be a driving force for the persecution of the unfortunate ones.

I will also add here that it will be expedient if the Lagos state government installs Close Circuit Television(CCTV) cameras on major roads to forestall any wrong accusation and abuse on the path of the traffic officers who have been emboldened with the responsibility of enforcing the punishments to the would be culprits. Let every action be caught on camera like its done in Nollywood.

It is no longer news that security personels and traffic officers flagrantly abuse power at the slightest opportunity. Therefore checks should be placed so that the government won’t end up biting more than they can chew.

Chief Judge of Lagos State, Justice Olufunmilayo Atilade had on Friday inaugurated mobile courts in the state to end an era of impunity and recklessness on Lagos roads. It is believed in many quarters that the activities of these traffic violators has been responsible for the incessant traffic gridlock experienced on Lagos roads on a daily basis. Hence, the new Lagos traffic law is expected to bring some sanity to road users.

Below are the 11 new Lagos traffic laws that road users must know by heart and their attendant punishments.

  1. Driving in a direction prohibited by the Road Traffic Law; (that is driving against traffic, popularly known as “One Way” driving) now attracts a 3-year jail term, while a first offender gets one year term and the vehicle forfeited to the state government.
  2. Bullion vans are not exempted from the law as any bullion van driven in a direction prohibited by the Road Traffic Law will be forfeited, while abandoned vehicle on Highway will be fined N50,000.00 or three years imprisonment, or both fine and imprisonment.
  3. Riding a motor-cycle against traffic and riding on the kerb, median or road setbacks will attract N20,000.00 for 1st time offenders, while subsequent offenders will get N30,000.00 (thirty-thousand Naira) fine or the riders’ motor-cycle will be impounded.
  4. Smoking while driving will attract N20,000.00 (twenty thousand Naira).
  5. Failure to give way to traffic on the left at a roundabout attracts N20,000.00 (twenty thousand Naira).
  6. Disobeying traffic control is N20,000.00 (twenty thousand Naira)
  7. Motorcycles and Tricycles are prohibited from riding on major Highways in the state. The Highways are Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Oworonshoki – Ikorodu, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway and Babangida Boulevard Way. Others are Lekki-Epe Expressway, Funsho Williams Avenue, Agege Motor Road and Eti-Osa-Lekki coastal road.
  8. Violation of route by commercial vehicles will attract N20,000.00 (twenty thousand Naira)
  9. Riding motor-cycle without Crash Helmet for rider and passenger will attract N20, 000.00 (twenty thousand Naira) or 3 years imprisonment or both.
  10. Prohibits under-aged person, under 18 years old from riding a motorcycle and the fine for this is N20,000.00 (twenty thousand Naira).
  11. Operating a motor-cycle in a restricted area on or prohibited route will attract a fine of N20,000.

These are the 11 commandments for motorists plying Lagos roads which as being termed the new Lagos traffic law

Albeit, is the new Lagos traffic law really going to be justice served? Are these not harsh penalties? Will it be fair to lock up traffic offenders for years with hardened criminals knowing fully well that for some it could be just be a case of ignorance?

With the mobile courts that will be available to persecute the offenders and send them to jail in the fastest possible time, I have come to the realization that sending the average Nigerian to jail is a process that occurs in the speed of light, alas! we can’t say the same about our politicians and big shots who steal billions. Their trials can continue while they continue to live their life in bliss and in other cases the trials don’t even get to the court rooms except on the pages of the newspapers till they are long dead and gone. If lady luck smiles on us, the next generation continues the trial after death.

Okay, I guess I’m beginning to veer off the main topic of  discourse; back to the issue at hand.

Here is a note of warning; while driving on a major or minor road for the first time, be cautious, be sure to drive slow enough  to observe the movement of other motorists on that road and the happenings in the environment with eagle eyes, because that road you are traveling on may just be against traffic- otherwise known as one-way, and trust me you may never get to see  warning signs anywhere. What will besiege your eyes will be LASTMA officials swooping in on you in their numbers like you are some endangered specie. Recently, I was at the receiving end of the excesses of some of these LASTMA officials at Akoka, Yaba. They acted like pack of wolves prowling in no man’s land in search of a prey. In fact, if I didn’t know any better I would have thought they were a group of zoologist who had just returned from their escapades into the wilds of East Africa.

It would have been easy for me to just say, to be forewarned is to be forearmed as a final word. Albeit, in this instance you may not only want to be forearmed, you will need to be proactive lest you fall a victim of the new laws.

Some roads in Lagos don’t have clear cut signs of prohibitions or signs that will guide you on what you shouldn’t do on such roads. It is therefore advised that you do your due diligence before heading on what could be a road of no return.

At the end of every road in Lagos now, lies a potential prison cell. Beware! You could just be driving yourself into a jail term. If you put this last piece of information into cognizance, you will never fall prey to the mobile courts.

Lekan Linkin Lofinji


This New Biafra is a confused cause (Part 2)

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On May 30, 1967, Biafra also known as the land of the rising sun in South Eastern Nigeria became a secessionist state. Two and the half years after the deaths of more than a million civilians felled in the war by enemy bullets, air strikes and starvation resulting from blockades, Biafra agreed to a cease fire with Nigerian Federal Military Government. Subsequently they were re-integrated into Nigeria. 45 years later, they long for recognition again, only that this time it has nothing to do with the power play in the military or the Northern plot to eliminate Igbos in the mid- 60’s.

Having gained independence in 1960, all seemed well with Nigeria though pretentiously, until 1966 when an Igbo Major who was born and bred in Kaduna and was popularly called Major Kaduna Nzeogwu led an Igbo dominated coup which prompted the killings of Northern elites and Military officers including the then premiere of the western region who was a Yoruba man. That coup won’t have mattered if at least one Igbo man was killed. Though Nzeogwu grew up in the north, he never mistook the northerners for brothers. Young Igbo military officers murdered the first and only Prime Minister of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. No Igbo political leader not even the then premiere of the eastern region nor Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, the then President who were all part of the corruption their administration was accused of, was killed in that coup. Hence, It was widely believed to be an Igbo coup.

Though Nzeogwu and his small group of Igbo officers put a wrong foot forward when a coup designed to rid the country of corrupt leaders in the first republic was targeted at mostly northern senior military officers who had no hand in the ugly situation back then, and worse still a Sarduana, however, the retaliation by the north was demonic. They went too far with their sport. It was a blood bath! It was like they had been waiting for the Igbos to falter.

And I ask; is that what you get for killing a highly respected Sarduana in cold blood and even having ample time on your hands to make a mockery of his death right in his domain?

Read also: This New Biafra is a confused cause (Part 1)

The Igbo military officers were enjoying bloody games and fatal jokes while it lasted. They didn’t know then that a Hausa/Fulani man does not react well to jokes. They don’t even have ears for sarcasm.

If an Igbo man makes the mistake of slaughtering a cow belonging to Fulani herds-men, trust me, they would kill 10,000 Igbos as compensation. Then, how much more a Sarduana, who was the most revered Islamic icon in the North?

The Hausas felt the Igbos played God in the North, however the north went overboard with the massacre that ensued. The ruthless Northerners went on a killing spree! Haba! 10,000-30,000 Igbos were murdered in broad daylight, depending on the account you choose to relate with. No doubt, there was indeed a grand plan to eliminate Igbos, we just can’t conclude if that plan was entirely Northern. Who wouldn’t go to war on that account? Which tribe in Nigeria would suffer that and still want to be under the leadership of such menacing region of the country?

Though they lost the war, the Biafran army was a gallant force and I believe their plan would have been successful if the war had been balanced. But like they say, all is fair in love and war.

The war was forced upon them and it’s sad that till date the Igbos are still held at arm’s length politically. The effects of a war doesn’t last till the end of a war, it lasts many years after and may not even have an end.

You want to know the truth; the problem with Nigeria and Biafra did not start during the civil war. The problem started in 1914 when the British selfishly amalgamated a then Northern region that was backward in every sphere of human endeavour and had no form of inclination towards the South with a more illustrious, vast and economically prosperous Southern region; it was indeed the greatest injustice of colonization.

Later, another problem sprang up in 1956 when oil was discovered in Oloibiri; that set the stage for the British spiral ball to roam recklessly on our fertile green land with no holds barred. If only we had no black gold, ‘boya ife wa ma gbono gidigidi’ (probably we would have been genuinely united)

Back to present day; so, this time what is the last straw that has hit the camel’s back that would warrant calls for another wanton loss of lives and properties; Jonathan’s loss in the April 2015 polls? Buhari’s presidency and his own supposedly unreserved and unmistakable hatred for the Igbos?

Or was it after the ones that didn’t really know what happened then, saw the movie-half of a yellow sun? Though I’m not sure half of a yellow sun told us what really happened before the pogrom, just like Achebe’s book,”There was once a country” only did justice to the part that grossly affected his kinsmen.

I respect Achebe; he remains my best Nigerian writer ever. In fact I liked him more than I do like a Soyinka, both in their writings and their deeds. But that doesn’t change the fact that his last book before his death could have been biased(Now, I’m not sure if it was his last); he told us the bitter truth about the war we needed to know; albeit it still didn’t change the fact that it was a one-sided account of what ‘really-entirely’ happened before and during the war.

Albeit, I still give it to the literary genius of the man of blessed memory. It was his personal history of Biafra; his own account of the civil war. Just like this article is my own account of what I think this renewed agitation is about; my own opinion. Probably I would have understood things better if my tribe was at the receiving end of the ‘1967-1970’ madness.

Often times, we choose to believe what we want to believe, not necessarily what our mind tells us; that is what they call sentiments, right? Invariably, I had to find a balance between sentiments and belief, in writing this piece. And this was what I could come up with.

Regardless, is this new clamour for the sovereign state of Biafra borne out of genuine concern, or is it just one plan of an overly ambitious, power thirsty man or group of Biafrans who want the innocent to suffer for their cause?

Kanu says Nigeria is a failed nation where nothing works; I hope Biafra holds more promise so he won’t have to eat his words. Moreover, do the majority of the Igbo people support his cause or is it only a cross section of Igbos in the east?

Though, I vehemently oppose President. Buhari’s alienation of a major ethnic group through his political appointments, albeit is that enough to lose rag?

In my minds’ eye, Nigeria has always being a mere geographical expression but will a civil war do us any good? Will Nigerians and Biafrans alike survive yet another civil war? Or is it that we’ve developed selective amnesia to forget so soon the dark era that lasted some 30 months; an era which still lives in the consciousness of the affected ones still alive; a time when over 1 million Nigerians of eastern descent and another 100,000 from the federal forces lost their lives to a war that could have been averted.

With the many groups/leaders clamouring for Biafra and the divisions even within the Biafrans, will they not face the same problems of wanton power-play, inequality and injustice, Nigeria has consistently been saddled with from time immemorial?

For 8 whooping years, Igbo leaders were unable to settle an intra-party disagreement; I wonder what a Biafra will be like with them at the helm of affairs.

I don’t have a problem with Igbos falling out of Nigeria because I have a problem with the so called country called Nigeria; A country that acts like a toddler who fails to learn from every fall. Yes! We should never have being? But that doesn’t change the fact that the Biafrans need to know and understand well enough what they are fighting for.

They need to first take care of the internal politics inherent in their domain before they face the Nigerian factor or else they would be no better than Nigeria if and when that region secedes.


I did say at the start of the first part of this article that I may lose my numerous Igbo friends to secession if it eventually works. Obviously, I don’t have to wait till the secession before I lose my Igbo friends; I have a feeling I’ve lost them already.

I still love you guys though, even more than my own people, you know yeah? And you know better than to let this piece come between us, right?

What God has joined together, let no article put asunder! Did I hear an Amen!

God bless Nigeria!

Lekan Linkin Lofinji
Member of the Federation (MOF)

This New Biafra is a confused cause (Part 1)

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I have a dilemma; I’m a Nigerian yet 90% of my friends are Biafrans, even my girlfriend is a Biafran. So, what does that make me? Does it mean that if and when the secession works, I will no longer have friends and may also lose my girlfriend, if we don’t get married before then?

Now, that is about the least of what will happen to Nigeria and Igbos if their plan of 48 years comes to fruition.

All their numerous investments scattered across the country and the relationships they’ve built for years will be lost to a war that might be more devastating than the one instigated by the people’s general, the Late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. Innocent lives will be lost all for political dominance and greed. Some Igbos don’t even know any other home other than Lagos; would they really want to sacrifice that on the altar of a cause that may be lacking in direction.

What led to the secession, and subsequently the civil war in 1967 made the war that lasted for 30 months inevitable.

Albeit, what really is the driving force this time? Is it just about the marginalization, the political wars, sheer hatred for the north or is there a more sinister motive? Does the control of the oil in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria (sorry, it should be Biafra according to Kanu’s map) come in question here?

The only time I have seen the proposed Biafra really united with a common cause was during the presidential election that brought in the incumbent President. The way the Igbos cast their votes with one mind for Jonathan was a class act, it was so…now I can’t remember the word.

Though their candidate lost, that united front in the east, spoke volumes. But of course there was only one explanation to that unifying stance; Jonathan’s opponent was a core Northerner and a Hausa-Fulani at that- an enemy of the Igbos! An Igbo man would piss or even Pooh on an Hausa/Fulani man rather than do it in the convenience. There is no love lost between the Northerners and the Igbos. The average Igbo man would take a dig at an unsuspecting Hausa/Fulani man at the slightest chance, and if they dare complain, they could also shove a chill pill down their throats.

During the April 2015 polls, the Igbos voted for solidarity sake, they voted sentiments; they never did look beyond the candidates. Who Jonathan was up against was far from been the problem, the challenge was the tribe of his opponent. The moment they realized Jonathan’s opponent was going to be a Fulani man, nothing else mattered.

If you brought a renowned saint or messiah from the north, as long as he’s Hausa or Fulani, an Igbo man would care less; he would still cast his vote for an assassin even if the assassin is a Yoruba man. That’s how much they hate the North. The animosity between Igbos and Hausas/Fulani stinks. If today the North decides to break away from Nigeria, be sure to see the Igbos in seventh heaven. I’m not sure what the relationship between the Igbos and the Yorubas is though, it’s something both tribes would rather not talk about.

Trust me, I don’t like the typical Fulani man, I even feel we should never have being in the same country; my 3-year stint in the North lays credence to that. However, I admire and love anyone with a good heart regardless of where he/she is from, even if the person is Fulani. In fact, I have a close Fulani friend called Binta, whom I met on a trip from Jos to Bauchi some four years back. Though I once pointed out my biased feelings towards her tribe, but definitely not the way I’m stating it in this piece. So, when she gets to read this, I’m not sure we will still be friends. (lol)

Now, when I say I don’t like Fulanis, I mean the Fulani race which cuts across the whole of West Africa. I am not talking about pure Hausas or other Northerners; those ones may just be the nicest Nigerians to be with when you don’t get on their nerves, but I guess inferiority complex may just be responsible for the ease at which they become loose cannons when you least expect. The problem with the non-Northerners that have never left their comfort zone (I’m not just talking about Igbos here) is that, they think every Northerner is the same; be it Hausa, Fulani, Nupe, Birom, Kanuri e.t.c. Far from it, the attitude of a Fulani man is entirely different from a pure Hausa man or even a Kanuri man, so is their culture too. Hope we know that some Hausas are actually Christians? I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

But I digress.

Back to my take on the new agitation for the sovereign state of Biafra;

Do those youths (or would it be proper to call them children?) who now put their trust in a Kanu whose real ambition is unclear know what led to the secession in 1967? Do they realize how many years it took the Igbos to recover from the monumental loss they suffered from, during and after the war?
How will they even know any of these when history has been left out in the cold? Whoever came up with the idea to shut out history from our school curriculum definitely has some real explaining to do.

Worse still, the youths no longer sit down with elders to learn from them? Of what use will that kind of education even be? The youths say the elders are all corrupt yet they don’t fare any better with the small political positions they are handed. How well did you fare in that SUG position or departmental/faculty hotspot? No be money una dey steal there too?

Again I digress.

Nonetheless, for the sake of this discussion, I’ll tell us what led to the Biafran war of 1967:

The pogrom that was perpetrated by Northerners against Igbos in many parts of Northern Nigeria as illustrated in Chimanada Adichie’s half of a yellow sun was the last straw that broke the Igbo man’s camel’s back. Though the Igbos drew first blood in an ill-planned coup, the Northerners were only too grateful, because what the whole world saw afterwards was blood and guts.

Eastern Nigeria no longer felt secured in a north-dominated republic. They didn’t feel safe anymore in Nigeria asides their own land, so they needed to leave. I still don’t understand why it was so hard for the Yakubu Gowon led Federal Military Government of Nigeria to let go. The Biafrans had every right to secede from a hurriedly put together country. It was just six years after independence; the political situation in the country was in complete disarray. It became obvious that the area the British carved out and named Nigeria was a complete sham. If I lived in that era maybe I would have supported them. But of course, that the secession did not happen without a fight was not just about the Federal Military Government of Nigeria. Our selfish and devious British watchdogs would never have allowed that to happen. If the Igbos were gonna walk away without the oil in the Niger-Delta or the present day South-South region of the country, probably no one would have cried blue murder or given a hoot. Good riddance to bad rubbish; that’s what the Yorubas and Hausas would most likely say. They would still make the same statements to one another if the tables were turned though.

The Igbos are the major stake holders in present day Nigeria in terms of commerce, so I wonder where Nnamdi Kanu is going with this. Go ask the Igbos in other parts of the country asides Eastern Nigeria if they are in support of this ‘New Biafra’ in the pipeline. The Igbos will rather lose political power and recognition, than the wealth and investments that took years to amass. Please give it to them, they are the most industrious Nigerians that ever lived, whether by hook or crook.

Also, do the minorities within the proposed Biafra genuinely like the Igbos self? Can they cope with the sheer arrogance and domineering nature of a typical Igbo man? The only reason why an Igbo man would call someone from the South-South a brother is because of the Black Gold in that region. Even Niger-Delta clamours for her own federation; they want to control their own resources too.

So, how united are these Biafrans, really? Will a Biafra be better than Nigeria in terms of political differences and marginalization? What difference will the division make? What good would it bring for Biafra and Biafrans alike?

Biafra! I still wait for a clearer and more genuine motive for this new agitation because the one you put forward is lopsided and lacks bearing. Kanu should go ask those close to the camp of the late Ikemba 1 of Nnewi, how much weight his plans for a separate republic carried. Odumegwu’s cause was almost a done deal even before the war started; he was a warlord. Abeg, who be Kanu?

Ojukwu fled to Ivory Coast towards the end of the war, leaving his Vice, General Phillip Effiong of blessed memory, to surrender to Gowon. I’m sure Kanu would do worse if he gets an opportunity to lead the Biafran forces. It’s easy to spit fire and brimstone when you are yet to experience war. They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, but, they never told us where the tough goes. Ojukwu fled to Abidjan when the going got tough, I don’t know where Kanu would go when this new cause of his takes a deadly twist; that depends on how tough he is though.

I may never have supported this pretentious convergence of distinct ethnic groups called Nigeria, albeit this is not the way to go.

Let’s do this again tomorrow…

God bless Nigeria!

Lekan Linkin Lofinji
Member of the Federation(MOF)